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Now available in our cafeteria!!
Student punch cards for purchases towards food and beverages in our cafeteria only.
Cost is $20.00
Cards will be available in the cafeteria or the main office.


The Fetal Alcohol Support & Information Network (FASIN) is an association of adoptive, birth, and foster families raising children with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

It is a volunteer, parent-lead-and-directed group, that was formed to help families understand the characteristics associated with fetal alcohol exposure, and learn about the interventions that have been identified as most effective for individuals living with fetal alcohol exposure.

Group meetings are held once a month during the school year, with one-on-one meetings being arranged as needed. Meetings are usually informal with a time for families to share and learn from each other, as well as a time to look at specific areas of concern.

The goal of FASIN is to support each family in their effort to provide the best interventions possible for their child or children with a fetal alcohol disorder; to educate parents, individuals, family members, professionals and the general community about the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure; and to bring understanding about the needs, behaviours and accommodations required for individuals with an FASD to reach their full potential.

Margie Fulton is the volunteer co-ordinator of F.A.S.I.N.. She can be contacted at 935-3168 or by e-mailing

Miranda Myers is the parent who is sitting on the SEAC Board representing F.A.S.I.N. children and families and you can contact her directly at